A manifesto for the morning of November 9

No matter what happens tomorrow, this is a reminder that it’s the start and not the end. On Wednesday, we begin the hard work of making our country—and our world—into the one we desire and deserve.

This is a reminder to myself to choose: 

Complexity over certainty. 
Curiosity over complacency. 
Empathy over judgment. 
Action over apathy. 
Accountability over anger. 

This is a reminder to myself to act with integrity and intention:

First, do no harm.
And when you do harm, seek to understand and undo it.
Keep peeling back the layers of your own privilege.
Share your experience, but don't mistake it for truth.
Beware of complacency.
Look for signals in the silence, not just in the noise.
Create more room in the room.
Remember: Resistance is fruitful.
Yet also ask: Do I really need to hold on to this? (That goes for anger and opinions.)
Be willing to own up to your mistakes. And be willing to make them in the first place.
Be willing to accept the flaws in your heroes—and the goodness in your foes.
If you don’t speak someone’s language, try to learn it.
Even if a story seems outrageous, try to understand the outrage that informed it.
Find the common ground on higher ground.
Amplify the good.
Be long on compassion and short on contempt.
Be willing to question everything.
Be willing to risk everything.
And with all due respect to Audre, use every tool you've got.